Learn to Build Websites and Mobiles Apps Without Any Coding!

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Premium Salary

Average salary of an Ethereum Developer is $70,000 per annum - Indeed.com

Growing Industry

As per International Data Corporation (IDC), approximately 500 million digital services and applications will be produced and implemented by 2023,

Various Job Role

The Demand of No Code Developers are increasing Day by Day as companies wants to save time and are demanding more and more skilled people.

Our students placed at these organisations
"Personalized and structured course helps to understand the things in a great way. Highly recommended"

Ankit Kumar
Now Works at Maruti Suzuki


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Ankit Kumar
Now Works at Maruti Suzuki

Not just a certificate. We are Building Careers!

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LinkedIn Personal Branding 

Engage and build a network with your future employers. Build your personal brand before you get a job.

Career Support 

 We curate jobs for you. Practice sessions on Interview Preparation, Professional portfolio and resume building

Don't Stay Behind 

Businesses without coding knowledge can develop and deploy their own applications by using templates, which are structured like an app store. The templates have a majority of the fundamental components of an app already built, including customer service chatbots, lead management, and other essential services. As we are evolving in this field industry demands individuals who are skilled in this field.

Learn A Skill 

No Code/Low Code is field where learning in endless, but somewhere you have to begin and become enough to start making money

Showcase these Skills

Only learning a skill will not work in 20th century, you need to show them to the right people
(eg. recruiters) in a professional manner.

Get Hired

The end goal is to start making money, spending time on learning how to make money from these skills is as important as learning them

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No Code Web Development Certification

 Website Development
Job oriented
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Diploma in Web and Mobile App Development

Basics to Advance
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Corporate Readyness
8+ Case Studies
Live Doubt Classes

Data Science

In this course, students will learn the most in-demand Data Science and AI skills to get a job as a Data Scientist.
Monthly Subscription
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Job oriented

Blockchain & Crypto

This program will help you to apply  knowledge practically and start your Career.
Awesome feature
Awesome feature
Awesome feature

Cyber Security 

In this course you will learn various concepts and tools that will make you competent IT Security Professional. 
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Awesome feature
Awesome feature

Cloud Computing

This course gives you a solid understanding of cloud computing and enables you to work on cloud projects.
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Low Code/No Code

Learn to build websites and Mobile Apps without writting any code,
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Do I need to have coding experience?

We have designed this course from basics, you  don't need to have any technical background.

Is it live?

This is hybrid mode,videos will be present on our system. You can learn courses,and clear your doubts weekly on live classes.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes,you will be awarded with the certificate of completion after clearing your assessment.

What if I have doubts?

You can clear doubts in weekly live classes and in the forum.